Herrenhaus Edenkoben, Germany 2013

2013.02.01. - 2013.12.31.
Herrenhaus Edenkoben, Germany

Scholarship for composers - 5 months stay in Edenkoben

Application for the year 2013 has been closed!

Scholarship-holders in 2013:

February-June: Yagoda Szmytka

August-December: Nicolas Tzortzis


About Herrenhaus Edenkoben

Five unvaluable months for creating new works in a magical, inspiring environment sounds enticing to all young composers - this unique opportunity is offered by Herrenhaus Edenkoben and its Supporters two times a year. Herrenhaus Edenkoben has been sponsored exclusively by private donations. The Association invited Peter Eötvös to nominate young composers for the Herrenhaus scholarship. The Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation has been receiving a great number of applications year by year. A personal working relationship with Peter Eötvös helps the evaluation of the candidates, therefore it is highly recommended to take part in one or more of the master classes or workshops announced by our Foundation.

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