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Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation
has announced a mentoring program for young professional conductors and composers for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Leading professors of the program: Peter Eötvös (conductor, composer), Gregory Vajda (conductor, composer). For all working periods we are inviting renowned guest professors and musicians.

The supporter of the program is Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.

Peter Eötvös Foundation provides accommodation and travel costs for the selected composers and conductors. They can participate in the programs free of charge, as part of the mentoring program. The mentored composers and conductors will get the chance to have special consultations with orchestra managers, festival managers, communication specialists and they could also visit great concerts halls, opera houses and widen their professional network.

A full portfolio will be ready for all of them by the end of the mentor year, it will contain photos, video- and audio-recordings, interviews, recommendation letters and other promotional materials.

After the mentoring year, the conductors and composers will have the possibility to showcase their work with a big orchestra, we have an ongoing cooperation with Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra and Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Danubia Orchestra Óbuda (permanent orchestra partner of the foundation).

We welcome 2 conductors and 2 composers for each mentoring year.

Selected conductors and composers for 2018
Toby Thatcher (AUS-UK) - conductor
Su-Han Yang (Taiwan) - conductor
Aaron Holloway-Nahum (USA) - composer
Alex Nante (ARG) - composer

Selected conductors and composers for 2019
Boon Hua Lien (Singapore) - conductor
Rémi Durupt (France) - conductor
Donghoon Shin (South-Korea) - composer
Mikel Urquiza (Spain) - composer

Selected conductors and composers for 2020
Holly Hyun Choe (USA) – conductor
Joanna Natalia Ślusarczyk (Poland) – conductor
Hankyeol Yoon (South-Korea) – composer
Leonardo Marino (Italy) – composer

Mentoring Programme - Concerts in 2019

27 February Budapest Music Center – Closing concert of Holliger80 master class

13 April Budapest Music Center – Closing concert of Spotlight on Saariaho master class

17 April Madrid – Concert with Plural Ensemble feat. The Long March by Aaron Holloway-Nahum

15 September Cologne with Musikfabrik feat. Alex Nante’s New Piece

17 September Müpa Budapest with Musikfabrik feat. Alex Nante’s Jeau et Rite

14 November Pannon Pécs with Philharmonic Orchestra feat. Aaron Holloway-Nahums new concerto, Toby Thatcher conducting (soloist: Horia Dumitrache)

26 November Budapest, Franz Liszt Academy of Music with Hungarian Radio Orchestra feat. Alex Nante’s new concerto, Su-Han Yang conducting (soloist: Camilla Hoitenga)

30 November Budapest Music Center – Course closing concert with UMZE Ensemble

For more information and questions about the mentoring program please contact Ms. Melinda Sőregi at: