mustMEET Composers 2016 | HOSOKAWA / past meets present in contemporary music of Japan

14 November, 2016

14 November 18:00 BMC Library

Guest: Toshio Hosokawa composer

Public meeting

"I am searching for a new form of Japanese spiritual culture and music, one through which I can remain true to myself as well as to my origins. We need to examine the Western world again, more carefully, in order to see ourselves objectively and to truly get to know ourselves.”Toshio Hosokawa

Toshio Hosokawa, Japan’s pre-eminent living composer, creates his distinctive musical language from the fascinating relationship between western avant-garde art and traditional Japanese culture. His music is strongly connected to the aesthetic and spiritual roots of the Japanese arts, as well as to those of Japanese court music. During the public meeting he will speak with Gergely Fazekas about his special composing style and there will be extracts of his opera Matzukaze (directed by Sacha Waltz).

Host: Peter Eötvös composer

Supporters: Japan Foundation, Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, National Cultural Fund, Goethe Institut.

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