The Peter Eötvös Foundation has been continuously expanding its range of percussion instruments and stands for several years now. Thanks to this expansion, we now have complete sets at our disposal, but of course individual elements can also be rented seperately.

We would like to recommend our list of instruments in case you are performing contemporary pieces or works by Péter Eötvös. We can borrow a large amount of instruments for Peter Eötvös’s orchestral works and operas, and we are also happy to help with information concerning instrumentation.

We try to satisfy every need and provide assistance. For more information and prices, please contact us.

Find the list of instruments HERE.

More photos of our instruments to rent HERE.

To hire instruments from our collection, please send us an email with your hire period and a list of the chosen instruments or stands selected from the list above.

Contact us at for any details and with any questions.